AV Design Needs Analysis

Through the information you give, our team will have an understanding and be able to provide a solution that works the way you intended.      

AV Control with Management

Control and management of your system is complex, that is why we use the best programmers to ensure you get a user friendly and simple to use providing you reliablilty.  

Consultant Specified Systems

We have the ability to satisfy your requirements working with Pro AV consultants adapting to change whilst still finishing on time and within budget.   

Auditoriums and Large Venues

We provide divisable rooms that can come together as one or many, distributing video and audio as required, producing a natural experience for the user.  

Command and Control

Working from experience, we can provide an environment that allows future expansion for mission critical to situational awareness environments providing a flexible working space including bespoke control desk furniture.  

Classrooms and Training rooms

With a heavy reliance on technology in today's classrooms, from interactive presentations to student collaboration, AVworx can cater for all and even record and distribute to remote students (lecture on demand). 

Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms

We have a plethora of experience when it comes to designing and implementing bespoke boardrooms, providing custom tables with full display automation to on demand video conferencing and more, ask for more information.   

Video Walls

Whether it be for retail, commercial or a corporate entrance, we can provide you with a video wall that works for you.    

Huddle Spaces

Huddle rooms are smaller rooms in an office space that act as less formal conference rooms. They are maybe the size of a traditional office but come equipped with key electronics and software to allow for video conferencing, PowerPoint presentations, idea brainstorming and more. Best of all, the size of these rooms makes them perfect for smaller group meetings. 

Creative Collaboration

Create the physical and virtual collaboration spaces that make it easier for groups to invent, plan and act. Provide space for ideas to be shared and problems to be solved.  

Video Collaboration

Sharing documents, with remote collaborators in real time, and connecting with colleagues from all over the world, even from our personal devices all at a touch of a button. 

Microsoft for Business

Find out why it's better to have a fixed room system, providing collaboration for your company.    


Creates a multi-channel TV and AV distribution system over IP by choosing from any combination of services; from digital terrestrial TV, digital satellite TV and locally generated content, such as PowerPoint presentations (converted to HTML), JPEGs, PNGs and HTMLs. 

Content Management

Create dynamic multi-zone signage content using a simple drag and drop interface, deploy your content across your network.  

Video on Demand- Record and Stream

Ingest, store, stream and display of video content "on demand" to Media Players, PCs and wireless iOS/Android devices.  

Record and share meetings, workshops and training sessions, increasing the value of organizations’ collective wisdom. 

Digital Signage

Deliver your message to specific markets using a wide variety of methods from traditional signage to interactive experiences. 2D and 3D wayfinding, gesture controlled signage, extend the message/ user experience to the their mobile phones and tablets.  QR codes are just a few of the approaches one can take to reach out to your audience. 

Stadiums and Sports Grounds

Need to get the message across clearly and intelligibly, provide a sport commentator space 

Retail and Shopping Centers

Provide customers with an experience with zoned audio including public address. Gone of the days of the unintelligibly garbled messages and music that you would prefer to be switched off, ask for details on how to create user experience.