AVworx provides a high degree of flexibility in the range of services offered, this allows us to tailor the ideal service plan to suit each customer’s individual requirements.  

As a client you get a known cost of ownership, and the assurance that your investment in equipment is protected.  



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From conception to completion AVworx will provide you the peace of mind that your requirement will be met with industry standards with leading industry equipment suitable to your budget with full compliance meeting your local building regulations.

With today's ever demanding need to have BYOD capability, network security, simple to use technology, AVworx can give your company technology and workplace innovation which will transform any fixed work space into a borderless environment, regardless of size, maturity, location or type of building.

Acting as liaison between you and the building contractor and any suppliers, you can be assured that AVworx can and will provide you and your company with total peace of mind.  

Working with Facilities Management

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We can work alongside your 

FM (facilities management) company harmoniously or sub-contract directly to them ensuring you with a seem less one stop shop for all of your needs.
We can provide you with the following services:  

  • On-site engineers/ On-site equipment operators
  • Design services
  • AV & VC support 
  • Digital signage/ IPTV
  • Public address systems
  • Computer monitors inc all types of mounts
  • Office and Contact centre headsets
  • Hosted Cloud services


Projector Lamp Replacement

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 AVworx bespoke lamp program can eliminate the hassle of procuring, storing and purchasing projector lamps. Our program's annual contract can lock in your lamp price, ensure there is a lamp on our shelf ready to ship to you, start the warranty on the day we install the lamp and let us handle the recycling.

Projector & Display Calibration:

Get the best image quality from your projectors. A professional projector calibration will include adjustments for the widest luminance dynamic range, accurate settings for the three primary colours, and calibration to a specific colour temperature. It is recommended that a projector calibration is performed each time a new lamp is installed.