Increase audience participation

Two versions, endless possibilities

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Catchbox Pro


The Audience Engagement Solution For Larger, More Demanding Events

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Catchbox Lite


The Audience Engagement Solution for a Seamless Plug & Play Experience

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Customize and Brand Your Catchbox-Your Company Logo, Name and colour

 Make your next Conference, Meeting or Lecture more engaging and fun with the first microphone designed for audience participation. Instead of slowly passing around a stick microphone, simply throw the soft Catchbox ! 

Come and ask us about which option would be best for you and how you can fully customize your Catchbox, we can also offer bundle packages with market leading  wireless transmitters and receivers. Maybe you would like  

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Catchbox for Events & Conferences

Engage Your Attendees With Catchbox, The World’s First Throwable Microphone for Fast & Easy Q&A

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Catchbox for Education

  Engage Your Students With Catchbox, The World’s First Throwable Microphone for Classroom Participation    

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Catchbox for Corporate Meetings

 Empower Employees With Catchbox, The World’s First Throwable Microphone for More Effective Meetings